Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finishing Your Space

You've received your new sofa, installed the new drapery panels and your refinished coffee table is fabulous.  You have invested in your interior, so why doesn't your space look finished?  The power of the right accessories in the right place cannot be under estimated.
Caden Sconce by Mathews Studios
Beautiful sconces placed on either side of a mirror are a great way to add life to a room.  The correct pieces can add radiance and light to a room.  Sconces can be both sophisticated and functional.

Baby Alpaca Throw from Canvas Home
A throw is an easy way to soften and add warmth to a space.  Cashmere or wool or a cotton blend.   Keep it soft and simple or textural and colorful.  You can fold it in a chair, or drape it over the edge of a sofa.  I recommend checking the piece to make sure it's pleasant to the touch.  It should usable on a cold night!
Coffee table books - large, heavy, filled with rich and interesting pictures.  These books are beautiful stacked on a table and interesting reads.  They can give a waiting guest a comfortable way to pass the time while waiting on their host.  Books on designers, art and fashion are common favorites, but look for books on subjects that interest you.
Finals & Knobs by Mathews Studios
Decorative hardware can make a room sparkle.  Make sure to pick pieces that work with your design style. 

Isabella by Corbin Bronze
Statuary offers a dramatic touch to any room.  From classic to contemporary, a well placed piece of three-dimensional art adds beauty and or interest to your room.  Be sure to anchor your work well to avoid any issues.
Jacquelin Tibetan Carpet (top) & Vintage Morracan Rug (bottom) both available through Madeline Weinrib
Rugs can transform a space. Playful, dramatic, rich in color or a subtle pallet, there are innumerable options to pick from.  Choose a texture that adds interest or blends with your design.  There is so much you can say with these pieces!  Be sure to size correctly for your room and use proper under rug support to stabilize your piece and extend the life of your carpet.

The Mercurial Cascades Abides by Brad Ellis
Available through The Russell Collection

Beautiful artwork is a must to finish off your space.  It doesn't have to be a Miro to be perfect.  Find the piece that works best for your space and your wallet.
Plants and flowers bring life to a room. The most sophisticated look is fresh.  Try a Fiddle Leaf Fig for a tall plant.  For a smaller potted plant, orchids are an elegant choice.  Of course, fresh flowers are ALWAYS wonderful.

Pillows in Plum Ikat, Vintage Suzani, Blue Mar Ikat all
available through Madeline Weinrib
Pillows are always a great way to add a splash of color and comfort to a room. Interesting colors and patterns work well on this accessory.  There are lots of ready made options, or for the perfect fit, try custom fabric and fill.
Sconces, throws, decorative books, decorative hardware, statuary, rugs, artwork, plants, and pillows, these are all tools you can select from to fine tune your space.  Whether you are finishing out a new space or refreshing an existing room, choose from these options to make your project fabulous!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lighten Up: Floor Lamps with Great Design

Floor lamps are a great way to make a room more functional, beautiful and stylish.  Task lighting is the perfect way to add warmth to a room, so choosing the right fixture and bulb are important elements to consider.  Beyond that, look for a style that compliments your look.
Lotus Lamp - Circa Lighting
This Lotus Lamp, available through Circa Lamps, is a beautiful, classic element to add to a room.  At $546.00, retail, it is a lot of style for a great price.  See Circa.com to order.
Magento Lamp - Y Lighting
The Magento Floor Lamp, available through Y Lighting, is a fun and interesting piece for contemporary interiors.  $761.00 retail, available online.
Triana Lamp - Y Lighting
The Triana Floor Lamp, available at $2376.00 through Y Lighting online, is a truly elegant contemporary lamp that is well refined and a gracious addition to the right space.

Murano Cylinder Lamp - Nancy Corzine
 Nancy Corzine impresses us again with her Murano Cylinder Floor Lamp. It is a stunning piece that works in contemporary, traditional and transitional settings.  Gorgeous!  Call for pricing.

Ralph Lauren '67 Boom Arm Floor Lamp - Circa Lighting
Ralph Lauren Home offers this very flexible and beautiful floor lamp that just works.  This Ralph Lauren '67 Boom Arm Floor Lamp is available online through Circa Lighting.  $990.00 retail.

These Porta Romana Oliver lamps
are classics with their Giacometti influence.  These works of art come in a variety of finishes.  Here are two of our favorites...bronze

and gold.  Call for pricing.
Porta Romana Oliver Lamp - Porta Romana

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Ballet slippers, cotton candy, bubble gum, peonies and Marilyn's dress in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; Pink is that undeniably feminine color.  Here are a few pink picks for your girly space!

Madeline Weinrib Hot Pink Bellini Pillow


F. Schumacher & Co. Lela Cotton Ikat Fabric
Madeline Weinrib Hot Pink Brook Cotton Carpet

Hot Pink Suzani Pillow from Madeline Weinrib


Jonathan Adler Retro Floral Mini Notebook

Think Pink Paisley Tibetan Carpet from Madeline Weinrib

Robert Abbey Pink Triple Gourde Lamp
When working with this color, remember to balance it with another hue, like gray.  A little pink goes a long way.  Use variations of the color as well as different textures to keep a space from being overwhelming. Careful planning will create a successful space where you can sink into pink!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nature vs. Nurture: Color Schemes in Nature

Vivid, subtle, monochromatic, high chroma, nature is the perfect inspiration for a color scheme.  No design professional can improve on what God puts together!

Photo courtesy Pixabay
This colorful reptile has a dramatic and glamorous pallet that is reflected in the Lee Jofa vignette below. 
Cowtan & Tout Vignette

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Peaceful, fresh and elegant.  This gray and green color scheme is refreshing and wonderful.  See the way it translates in the Mauel Canovas vignette below.

Manuel Canovas Vignette

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Suprising and delicate.  This beautiful color scheme comes together perfectly in the Manel Canovas setting below.

Manuel Canovas Vignette

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Dusty greige and blue provide a restful and calming palette.  See how it translates in the Bella Notte room following.

Bella Notte Vignette

Photo courtesy Pixaby
The striking contrast of black and aqua are delightful in both this butterfly and the setting below from Duralee Fabrics.

Duralee Fabrics Vignette

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Cool and tranquil.  This adorable penguin is enjoying his soothing environment just as we would enjoy the room by Ralph Lauren below.

Designers Guild Vignette

Photo courtesy Pixabay

These natural tones provide a serene setting.  See how they work so well together in this Ralph Lauren room below.

Ralph Lauren Paint Vignette

When you are struggling for inspiration with color...just take a walk outside and take in the world around you.  It will give you stirring colorations that will work well for your next design project!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Power of Color

Photo courtesy Pixabay

While we are well into the new year, we are just starting to revamp our blog here at Pretty.  When talking about revamping anything visual, be it a room, a building, branding or wardrobe, it's easy to start with color.  Color can shape the way we feel on a daily basis, like the sun finally coming out on a cloudy day.  And with spring just around the corner, what better time than now to talk about the power of color?

Photos courtesy Pixabay

Color is emotion visualized.  It has the power to immediately change the way you feel about a space.  We've all heard the various basic principles of color, how yellow makes you happy, red makes you angry, etc.  But there is so much more to the way color can change the entire feeling of a space than just basic emotional responses.  

Photos courtesy Pixabay

Much of the power of specific colors comes from the amount of light they absorb or reflect, and how this can in turn make a space feel cozy versus open, intimate versus sterile, and so on.  A general rule to grasp is the idea that cooler colors tend to make spaces feel cleaner, more open, and more restful, while warmer colors promote a cozy, more intimate feeling.

Photos courtesy Pixabay

Along with color temperature, contrast between colors can largely contribute to their power as well.  Red and green, for example, as seen in the picture of chili peppers above, are contrasting colors and when paired together make each other "pop" visually, making each color look more vibrant and alive.

Photos courtesy Pixabay

The same idea of contrast can be utilized to create visual excitement in a mostly neutral space.  So instead of the contrast being between one color versus another color, the contrast can be found between a vibrant color and a neutral color.  Dark grey interiors pair beautifully with rich blue accents, which can serve to highlight particular features in the room, for example.

Photos courtesy Pixabay

We wanted to present you with some powerful images of color to spark the creative inside you.  How do you respond to strong color?  What colors do you find most energizing and what you might call "helpful" in your every day life?  What is color doing for YOU?